Using Dropship Blueprint to Find Suppliers

The preferred method of ecommerce entrepreneurs has always been dropshipping. For those unfamiliar with the term, dropshipping essentially means that you find a supplier or manufacturer that sells products at wholesale prices and blindly ships that product directly to your customer. You mark your prices up and pocket the difference. When a customer buys a product from your ecommerce store, you notify your supplier […]

How Customer Service Can Transform Your Business

“Make your store an experience rather than a process.” This is one of my favorite phrases, and if you’ve ever discussed business with me, whether it be in person or via phone call, you’ve likely heard me say this. As a small business owner, you’ve probably been scared of the over-shadowing competition at some point in your career, hoping and praying that your endeavors can soon see the light […]

What’s The Best Ecommerce Keyword Tool?

FACT: All of the “mainstream” keyword tools are geared toward affiliate marketing & not ecommerce marketing.

REASON: The vast majority of keyword tools that are built today are created for the purpose of making money for the creators. Since there’s a much larger audience for affiliate marketing tools, the developers focus on building keyword research tools that are geared toward affiliate marketers. This leaves a […]

Ecommerce Web Hosting

If you are in the ecommerce business, an issue that you are undoubtedly faced with regularly is the issue of web hosting. Having web hosting for your ecommerce stores is a must. And choosing the wrong web hosting company can cost a store dearly. Having an unreliable web host can literally cost you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in lost revenue due to […]

What’s The Best Free Ecommerce Training Course Online?

If you are serious about making money online, you should strongly consider ecommerce. If you have the patience & drive to build a good ecommerce store, you’ll own a solid business that has some true equity and a solid monthly income. Dave Hermansen (see video below) has been making a 6-figure income from ecommerce for over a decade now. In his free ecommerce training […]

Store Coach eCommerce Training Course

Thanks for visiting the blog. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve sort of been neglecting the Hermansen Brothers Blog since the beginning of its existence. If you have been trying to follow us, we apologize. We have been VERY pre-occupied with our new project and it is finally here.

The new project is called Store Coach. You can check it out at Store Coach is […]

Meet Kevin Hermansen

I’m the 2nd Hermansen brother, just younger than Dave and just older than Mike. I think all 3 of us caught the entrepreneur bug from our Dad. When we were young, instead of playing video games like “normal kids”, we’d play a “fake money” game where each of us ran a business and traded completely worthless goods and services with each other. I typically […]

Meet Mike Hermansen

Even as a child, I remember being fascinated with business. I loved watching businesses grow and develop. I loved seeing new businesses pop up and I loved to imagine that I was the owner of that business and try to guess how much it cost them to start that business, pay the employees, pay for the product and the utilities and determine how much […]

Dave Hermansen in the New York Times

In July of 2008, we were fortunate enough to be contacted by the New York Times to interview us about our success in eCommerce. You can check out the article here.

It’s not very often that you get an opportunity like this. In fact, when we got the email from the reporter at the New York Times, we thought it was a practical joke of […]