Partner with the Hermansen Brothers on Your Next Project

partnership-opportunitiesWith over a decade of experience and success with internet marketing, we are totally equipped to take on new partnerships right now. Although Store Coach is our biggest and most well-known project, we actually have another quite successful and thriving business called StoreStream LLC. In short, StoreStream is the parent company to over 40 eCommerce stores in niches ranging from cuckoo clocks to camo wedding rings. We have a full-blown team of employees that handle everything… marketing, PPC, customer service, you name it.

Opening up StoreStream has been a total game-changer for us. In the past, the three of us have done everything. We have been the ones that built out all of our stores, ran the PPC, answered emails and phone calls… EVERYTHING! But now that we have a small team of individuals working for us, we are able to streamline the process like never before and really get an insane amount of work done every single day. The introduction of StoreStream has really opened up the door for more partnership opportunities for us. Even with a huge network of stores, we have systems in place that allow us to slide in new projects without missing a beat.

 So, How Can You Get Involved?

If you’re interested in partnering with us then we want to hear from you. Please keep in mind that at this very moment, we have over 45 active projects in the works. We are very busy and can’t possibly get involved in every inquiry that hits our inbox. Having said that, we are open to hearing any idea that you might have, but we are most interested in the following two scenarios for new partnership opportunities:

You Have Money To Invest in a New Project

As you are probably well aware of, having the capital in place to start a new project is always the hardest part. Having employees means that you need to have income right way or you’re going into debt to pay them until you’ve become profitable. When we start a new eCommerce store, we do it the right way the first time. We get a lot of amazing content written, have our marketing team get going on building backlinks and looking for outreach opportunities, and our PPC team gets right to work on building feeds and trying to get sales rolling right out of the gate. But this all costs money. For this reason we are looking for individuals who are willing to put forward cash in exchange for a percentage of the profits long-term.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in then we want to hear from you. Fill out the following form and we’ll be in touch within the next business day or two to give you further details on this awesome opportunity:

You Already Have an Established Business

After running so many businesses over the past decade, we know how easily you might get burnt out on a project. But rather than mortgaging your future and completely selling that website off, have you considered other options? This is where we come in. Several of the stores that we now operate are only partially owned by us but COMPLETELY managed by us. We can take over operations on the store (or other type of website that you own) and handle the day-to-day operations as well as growth opportunities.

How the percentages shake out is completely dependent upon the business and the opportunity for future growth. We love these opportunities and rarely will we pass one up if we feel like it fits into what our team can do fairly easily. Don’t hesitate to fill out the form below to let us know about any and all of these types of opportunities: